Certain Moods Cannot be Expressed

Certain Moods Cannot be Expressed
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We often laugh and assert that things are easy, yet behind those smiles, we pay in sweat. We generously dismiss worries, only to swallow a sea of sadness within. Life is often like this; the persona we present to others is always light and breezy.

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As a child, the terms 'pressure' and 'heaviness' held no meaning. Upon growing up, the essence of concealment and pretense became clearer. I came to realize that the sorrows left unspoken are the most profound. Our only option seems to be to shoulder these burdens alone.

At times, I long to smile, but I cannot muster the strength to lift the corners of my mouth. Despite understanding that I should not wallow over minor setbacks, I still find myself tossing and turning, unable to regain control. Life carries inevitable helplessness, and we must learn to let go gradually.

When the words of others penetrate your ears but fail to reach your heart, is it due to your inability to be open-minded, or their lack of understanding? No one should be blamed; some moods truly cannot be expressed, some emotions are genuinely hard to release.

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In this world, who truly understands you? Your relatives do, but you would not want to burden them with worry. Your partner does, but they have their own issues to handle. When your heart aches, isn't it you who mends it, only to suppress it once more? Life isn't always a smooth sail; we must learn to adapt.

Release what needs to be let go, turn the page on what needs to be left behind. Let the wind carry away the negative, and keep the positive close. Remember, there is no obstacle insurmountable. The sun always follows the rain; dark clouds will eventually scatter.

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Certain moods, when unshared or misunderstood, must be experienced alone, serving as a foundation for resilience. Some burdens, if not carried by you, will not be shouldered by anyone else. Some exhaustion, if not borne by you, will not be endured by others. Unfair treatment expands your understanding, hardship strengthens your will. Rest assured, every drop of sweat shed will not be in vain!