Delicate Summer: An Ode to Life's Vibrancy

Delicate Summer: An Ode to Life's Vibrancy
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

As the last vestiges of late spring fade into early summer, we're greeted by gentle breezes, soft clouds, melodious birdsong, and the sweet scent of blooming flowers. The light dances through the shade, butterflies prance, and bees buzz with industry. We, in the prime of our youth, are like the tender years, the most vibrant season. Time flies and life does not pause for a moment. The wisps of spring just tinged the willows yesterday, and in the blink of an eye, the budding flowers have already given way to the fluttering robes of summer. The cycle of the years, the shifting of seasons, a journey of spring's colors is exhausted, leaving behind the residual scent of summer.

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As the flourishing flowers recede, there is a new direction to head. Without spring's departure, how could we appreciate the beauty of summer? Saying goodbye to the sprouting of spring, we welcome the lushness of summer. During this delicate summer, we embrace a poetic mood, articulating the subtle notes of our hearts. Perched on the season's corner, we witness the blooming and falling of flowers, listen to the songs of cicadas and frogs, watch the shifting of clouds, and savor the smell of rain-soaked earth. I believe that every period has its unique scenery. Seasons, with their alternating shifts, paint life colorful. Life is a series of autumns, each prosperous and cool. A life that's bright has seen many frosts.

No matter how time passes, no matter how things transform, we maintain our simple hearts and serene smiles. I aspire to be a lotus-like woman - not vying, not grabbing, quietly fragrant, not proud, not overpowering, just lightly fragrant.

Quietly blooming, guarding my own time, gently smiling as I carve my years into my favorite appearance. This delicate summer, I put on a beam of sunshine, carry a wisp of breeze, and walk along the clear river in search of extraordinary beauty in the simplicity of life. You see, colorful trumpet flowers smiling at the sky, wild strawberries tempting us with their sweetness, white mushrooms shaped like covers, and multicolored dandelions dancing in the breeze.

Many unnamed little flowers bloom in vibrant colors along the riverbank in my hometown. They bloom without fear, without humility, without arrogance. Their poetic existence and silent joy persist from dawn till dusk, their passionate bloom never sparing effort. Each one is a spectacle in itself, radiating their own life's light and color.

Photo by Beyzaa Yurtkuran from Pexels:

These ordinary creatures help me grasp the true essence of life: life is short and fragile, yet simultaneously, it is beautiful and momentous. Life is a miracle, a force, and more than anything, a faith. It instills deep awe and profound emotion within me.

This delicate summer, I immerse my gaze in the verdant scenery, and tease a petal of fragrance from the air. I aspire to live simply, like the lotus, without vanity, progressing leisurely. I hope time will fly yet youth will remain, half of my life spent, but still youthful at heart! As years flow into the future, no matter how the wind and clouds change, no matter how things alter, I still hope to see flowers blooming on the road, colorful butterflies dancing; still hope to hear the water gurgling, the whispers of floral languageā€¦