Embrace and Appreciate Your Life

Embrace and Appreciate Your Life
Photo by Esteban Castle / Unsplash

Many people harbor envy towards celebrities, who are seemingly immersed in constant admiration and wealth, believing these stars are untouched by the world's pain. This narrow perspective of envy blinds us to the reality that celebrities, too, experience their own unique struggles.


As the adage goes, everyone experiences trials and tribulations; sorrow can dwell in palaces just as laughter can echo in humble cottages. In our everyday lives, we often only witness and focus on the bright, praiseworthy aspects of others. Thus, we might yearn for what lies beyond our current situation, only to discover that, once we step out of our comfort zones, life is similar everywhere. Many of the things we've been concerned about hold no significance when compared to the broader context of life.

A philosopher once remarked that comparing oneself to others is an act of cowardice, while comparing oneself to one's past is an act of heroism. This statement might seem obscure initially, but upon contemplation, its wisdom becomes evident.

Wasting your life in comparison to others is futile; instead, compete with your past self. We need not be overly critical of ourselves. How do we know if others are truly superior? In truth, everyone possesses traits to be envied and flaws alike. No one owns every positive trait in the world. What matters is your inner perspective. Those at peace have merely accepted themselves and believe in their worth.


Embrace your life and live on your terms. If a change brings you happiness, embrace it; however, if a suggested change makes you unhappy, do not blindly adopt it, regardless of external opinions. Even when you know that a change would be beneficial, but you lack the power to implement it, don't force yourself. Forgive yourself, appreciate all you have, and try to overlook the aspects that dissatisfy you. After all, our diverse skin colors and distinct personalities were crafted to add color to life. Accept your perceived imperfections and refrain from imposing the impossible standard of perfection on yourself.

Approach life with the mindset of "competing with yourself, not others". If we're willing to set aside our pride and observe the strengths in others, we can glean hints of success from their performance. The most enriching rewards stem from personal growth.

By comparing our current achievements with our past, we can better gauge our progress and understand our capabilities. Therefore, choose a relevant benchmark for comparison, ensuring a meaningful relation between you and the object of comparison.


In life, perpetual complainers should avoid entangling themselves in overwhelming desires. Don't fixate on what you lack. Instead, calm your mind, shed your mental burdens, and savor what you already have. Learn to appreciate your accomplishments and possessions. You may soon realize that many aspects of your life are envied by others. Happiness has been beckoning you all along.