Girls I met those years

Girls I met those years
Photo by Kitera Dent / Unsplash

Being single for approximately 31 years, I find myself hesitant about getting married. Despite hearing about the numerous merits of marriage, all I feel is the pressure and responsibility that I'm not ready to take on at the moment.

Perhaps I have focused too much on my own career and hobbies, neglecting to invest time in finding a girlfriend. Additionally, I haven't found pleasure in dating women thus far. The girls I've met nearby don't share the same hobbies, and those who do often come from major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Shenzhen in China, which I currently don't have the means to pursue.

Nevertheless, over the years, I have encountered some kind-hearted girls, even though we didn't end up becoming a couple.

Girl A: The first girl I met upon returning from Japan. We were born in the same year and graduated from the same university. She occupied the most significant portion of my time. Unfortunately, our relationship ended during the COVID-19 pandemic because I decided to let it go.

Girl B: Introduced to me by my aunt, who is also acquainted with another aunt of mine. It's possible that I lack a sense of humor. She always focused on her own hobbies and rarely responded to me. After three months, our relationship came to an end.

Girl C: A very kind-hearted girl with a radiant smile, she admired me a great deal. However, due to my tendency to easily become anxious, I ended the relationship after just one month.

In order to overcome my fear of starting a relationship with a girl, I realize that I need to address my own shortcomings. Without doing so, I won't be able to experience love with any girl.