Love is Meeting, Life is Longing

Love is Meeting, Life is Longing
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Life can be likened to an extended journey, both fleeting and enduring. It is destiny that allows people to cross paths. Even if they meet coincidentally, or initially as strangers, destiny plays a part in these interactions. However, turning these encounters into lasting relationships requires human effort.

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In the vast sea of humanity, meeting, knowing, loving, and staying together for a lifetime is the norm for many. Within our lifetime, we encounter countless individuals. A single encounter may even determine who will accompany us for the rest of our lives, transitioning from strangers to partners, and perhaps establishing a lifelong bond.

Love is akin to sand in your hand; it requires a firm hold and heartfelt commitment. Holding it tightly brings hearts closer together, while loosening the grip creates distance. What you hold in your hand is not merely sand, but also the secret to happiness, a puzzle for which only you hold the solution.

Love, we often say, is hard to fathom, yet it has the power to thaw a cold heart. When faced with it, we often lose our sense of proportion.

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As we navigate the world, we all experience emotional turbulence, occasionally resulting in joy, other times in sorrow. Loving with all our hearts may not always yield the desired outcome. We might endure pain, sleepless nights, and distress, but when we summon the courage to let go, there are countless cherished memories that make parting unbearably difficult.

Humans are emotional creatures. We possess cognition, intellect, and profound emotions. Love does not distinguish between high and low; its value is determined entirely by mutual appreciation. If love is measured by material wealth and interests, it loses its essence and purity. Love has no concept of distance; it is a form of telepathic connection capable of binding two hearts tightly together.

Petrarch once said, "Life is precious, love is more precious. If for the sake of freedom, both can be relinquished." Life is precious, as it comes only once, but love is the essence of life. It must not be desecrated, trivialized, or commodified. Love is sacred, pure, beautiful, and inviolable.

Everyone yearns for a blissful love. It has the power to elate the spirit and enrich one's existence. Therefore, the pursuit of a perfect love and a happy family is of utmost importance. When we face love's adversities, when our body, mind, and soul feel overwhelmed and despair encroaches, we may become fearful, lose faith in love and life, become disheartened, and bear painful scars.

In such situations, what should we do? Should we let go or cherish? This decision is often a challenging one to make.

The love of youth is fresh, naive, yet romantic, coveted and desired by all. The season of youth is fleeting and precious. Our perspective of love during this time is often unique. Imagined love is often represented as beautiful spring flowers and enchanting autumn moons; however, the world's changes may bring about regret.

The love of adulthood is more balanced. It is governed by reason and introspection. It's romantic yet mature, cherished yet responsible. The process of love can be intoxicating, but after passion subsides, it often returns to the simplicity of family life.

Some say that marriage is the tomb of love, yet even with this awareness, they willingly commit. Marriage is likened to a besieged city, with its inhabitants desperate to escape while outsiders incessantly knock on its gates. In this context, I believe this portrayal of marriage and love is somewhat acceptable.

The meaning and power of love are immeasurable. People will overcome countless difficulties for love; it can be so profoundly painful yet

vital to life. Love is an essential element, akin to water for fish or leaves for trees.

The love of old age is a form of emotional reliance. Its necessity extends beyond a partner; it encompasses a companion to confide in during difficult times, and a relative to care for each other in old age.

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Love is like the shoes on your feet: only you know whether they fit comfortably. Only you are aware of the discomfort when they do not.

The love that accompanies you throughout life will always have its flaws. These imperfections are scattered throughout your journey. It's essential to learn to tolerate, forgive, and understand them. We must strive to cherish everything that is ours.

Life is fleeting, the road ahead is long, and making the right choice is crucial. We must carefully weigh our decisions.

Dear friends, no matter how much pain life presents us with, we must face it head-on. Maybe, after a mix of tears and laughter, we will discover that life is not only about sorrow; it also contains a variety of beautiful sceneries.