The Four Great Joys of Life

The Four Great Joys of Life
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The four great joys of life encompass having books by the pillow, possessing a healthy body, making genuine friends, and fostering a passion in the heart.

  1. Having Books by the Pillow

You may have observed that many of life's tribulations result from thinking too much and reading too little. A well-known saying illustrates this concept: "Instead of being confused in your free time, spend more of it reading." Reading serves as a shield against worldly risks and a beacon of hope. By reading more, and reading quality books, you gain insights into life, the universe, and most importantly, yourself.

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When your perspective diverges from the norm and your horizons broaden, you'll come to realize that "the world is tranquil, and only we disturb ourselves". With this wisdom, you'll face life's disappointments with utmost confidence. Isn't this a magnificent blessing? Every book you digest becomes a part of your psyche, adding depth to your life. Spiritual richness, believe it or not, surpasses any materialistic vanity.

2. Having a Healthy Body

If reading enhances knowledge, maintaining health constitutes an investment in longevity. Without robust health, how can you age gracefully with your partner, provide for your children, accompany your parents in their twilight years, or compete in the race of life?

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No matter your pursuits, remember that health is your ultimate boss. It may seem benevolent, allowing you leeway. It may smile, reprimand you mildly, then appear to forget. However, health is unyielding and vindictive. Any disrespect or negligence, no matter how minor, will be noted and returned with compounded interest.

Yet, while health endures, even falling into a quagmire or off a cliff, you can still rise; lose it, and all the wealth in the world will mean nothing. Regardless of how far you travel or how high you ascend, investing in your health is paramount.

3. Making Genuine Friends

Making friends is challenging, and finding beneficial friends even more so. As an old saying goes, "The success or failure of one's life depends on their associations."

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In this world, finding friends who align with your beliefs is a joy; encountering confidants who share your aspirations is a rare gift. Fair-weather friends may be driven by self-interest; true friends are driven by loyalty. You discover a person's true character in adversity. Friends who abandon you in your hour of need should be kept at a distance; those who support you in dire times are worth cherishing.

True friendship is as gentle as a stream - good friends need not be inseparable, but should "remain close at heart despite infrequent contact." Whenever you need them, they are there. Building such friendships can greatly enhance your life.

4. Having a Passion in the Heart

Some people assert that we all strive to find our unique path, driven by our individual will. In life, we may seem to seek many things, but ultimately, we're just pursuing the passion within our hearts.

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What is passion? Some may see it as a strong affinity towards something, but it possesses a more significant attribute: willingness. Willingness to invest in it, endure failures, and accept all hardships and exhaustion along the pursuit of it.

Living with passion is perhaps one of the greatest joys a person can experience. Passion serves as a beacon when we are lost or tired. It gives us hope, even in the toughest moments, offering a resilience that makes us reluctant to surrender. Life need not consist of monumental events; even a singular passion can enrich the journey of a lifetime.